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Process Mechanical Piping & Erection, Inc., has assembled a tight group of individuals that fit together like a puzzle; each bringing his or her own individual ideas and talents to the table. From the top down, we, as a group, are a company built on a firm foundation with a wide array of knowledge.


From the very early 1970’s, our founders began building working relationships with plant engineers, maintenance technicians, machinery designers and manufactures. Through these relationships Process Mechanical Piping & Erection, Inc. has evolved and grown into a company that has the ability to offer process piping and equipment installation solutions for even the most complex applications.

From Assessment and Plant Relocation, Installation to Maintenance and Repair, Process Mechanical Piping & Erection, Inc. can make it happen. Our highly experienced management team works closely with customer personnel in assessing the production problems and determining the best route for resolution.

Process Mechanical Piping & Erection, Inc. employs a staff of experienced field technicians skilled in the piping, rigging, and millwright trades. We specialize in many fields including textile, industrial laundry, petroleum and chemical piping, pharmaceutical and food grade piping, steel and other exotic metal foundry work, glass manufacturing, and many other types of machinery and equipment erection. Also, our welders are certified by ASME Code Procedures for all types of process piping.

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