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At Process Mechanical Piping and Erection, Inc., we consider no phase of our business to be of greater importance than the safety and well-being of our employees, and we promote the idea that I am “My Brother’s Keeper.” Each employee is trained and instructed to keep themselves and their co-workers out of harm’s way.

Our safety program is a source of pride. We are constantly striving to improve our methods, practices, and procedures in search of a safer workplace for our employees and customers. Our Experience Modification Factor, .84 as of July 2021, shows steady improvement as our safety program continues to grow and mature.

Process Mechanical Piping has significant relationships with the National Safety Council, the North Carolina Safety Council, the Mid-Atlantic Safety Council, and the Gulf Coast Safety Council. Many of our employees are already trained through safety council Basic Orientation Plus programs as well as other “site specific” training where needed. We are also recognized by and hold “Recommended” and “A” ratings with ISNetworld, an online contractor management platform utilized by our clients to vet potential contractors and suppliers. 

The vision of our founders included establishing a healthy and happy workplace, free from recognized hazards, while producing the best possible product and services for all of our customers. It is our policy to conduct all business in a responsible manner. This includes respecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and community neighbors. Far too often the effects to one’s community are not considered. At Process Mechanical Piping & Erection, Inc., we strive to create not only a better work environment for our employees but also do our part to improve the community around us.


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