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As of January 2021, the following licensure are held within
Process Mechanical Piping & Erection, Inc., and are up to date:

•    Georgia Class 1 Boiler Certificate of Authority License #BQ-1492 (Scott Bradley)

•    Tennessee Contractor’s License #68713 (Unlimited)

•    South Carolina Mechanical Contractor’s License #M101827 (Unlimited)

•    Alabama Master Gas Fitters License # MG-1115 (Joel Godwin)
•    North Carolina General Contractor’s License #75181 (Unlimited)

•    Mississippi Mechanical Contractor's License #24261-MC (Unlimited)

•    West Virginia Contractor’s License, General Building & Piping #WV053687​

•    Alabama General Contractor License #51288 (Unlimited)

•    Virginia Class A Contractor License #2705160169 (Unlimited)
•    Georgia General Contractor’s License #GCCO004936 (Unlimited)
•    South Carolina General Contractor’s License #G119380 (Unlimited)
•    Virginia Master Gasfitter / Plumber Certificate of Competency License #2710064138 (Joel Godwin) 

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