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Journeyman Pipe Fitter

SUMMARY: Responsible for assembling and installing pipe systems, pipe supports, and hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Installs pipe for steam, hot water, cold water, air, chemical handling, and other types of industrial production and processing systems.


  • Coordinate with job site manager to configure pipe system layout.

  • Order proper pipes and other materials.

  • Select supports, hangers, and hydraulic cylinders.

  • Assemble materials at job site.

  • Have knowledge about correct types and sizing of pipe.

  • Cut, thread, and hammer pipes according to pipe system specs.

  • Use saws and cutting torches to craft proper pipe sizes.

  • Turn off steam, water, or gas from pipe section.

  • Secure pipes to walls and fixtures using brackets, clamps, tools or welding equipment.

  • Repair and maintain pipe systems and components.

  • Resolve problems such as obstructions or holes.

  • Repair cracks and leaks.

  • Some heavy lifting is required.

Journeyman Pipe Welder

SUMMARY: Plan, lay-out, weld, install test and repair all types of pipe and similar tubular products in accordance with all applicable plans, specifications, codes, and industry standards. Work in other crafts at levels appropriate to training and skills as requested by supervision. Position will report to foreman as assigned by Process Mechanical Piping.


  • Coordinate with foreman to be efficient in work process.

  • Know heat settings for different types of pipe, steel, and thicknesses.

  • Have TIG, MIG, and Stick capabilities.

  • Have ability to pass these weld tests, if needed, consisting of three coupons

    • 2-inch Schedule 10 stainless, TIG with argon purge, visual inspection only.

    • 2-inch XXS carbon steel (.625 wall), TIG root, hot pass, and third bead with ER70S-2; stick weld out using E7018. Bend test.

    • 2-inch schedule 160 carbon steel, TIG root pass and weld out, using ER70S-2.


Pay rate is Negotiable.

Work schedule is flexible, depending on work, and these positions could possibly be working either a day or night shift, but the majority of our work load will be on a day schedule.

  • Must not be afraid of heights

  • Some heavy lifting is required


(Download and fill out the fillable Pdf application and save the file, then submit via email attachment using the link below. Feel free to include a resume if available.)

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